Abba Abdullahi Garba

Abba Abdullahi Garrba

Hey! Welcome, this is Abba.

I am actually that simple, friendly & easy-going young man from one of small villages of Nigeria called Zugachi. Indubitably if you've been looking for that young man behind this hausa books search engine then you are at the right spot.

As I said earlier I was born in Zugachi, Gabasawa L.G, Kano State. And if I can guess it right this 2021 am 20 years old young man.

I grew-up in extended family, almost all my parents, brothers and sisters, cousins and siblings are with me, we have been together since the time I opened my eyes and see myself in this world.

Top Hausa Novels (THN)

THN is a new, legit, verified and easy-to-use hausa books search engine website based in Nigeria, it was founded by that young Nigerian Blogger (Abba Abdullahi Garba) for the purpose of providing hausa readers unlimited free access to different books collections in different formats written and/or recorded in Hausa Language across sub-saharan Africa and whole world.

Those who love reading hausa books across the world can be able to search, find, listen, read and download their favorite ebooks from our collections.

Furthermore me, we, and 'us' at Top Hausa Novels allow authors from different regions within sub-saharan Africa to upload their books on our website (husa books search engine) using books submittion page here.

Finally we (Top Hausa Novels) thanks everybody who visit this website and authors who contribute with their creative ❤ works.

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