About the Author - Abba Abdullahi Garba

Hi! I'am Abba Abdullahi Garba and I can proudly say; I'am from one of small villages of Nigeria.

Abba Abdullahi Garrba

Indubitably if you've been looking for that young man behind this hausa novels download blog then you are at the right spot.

I can't tell you lie, undoubtly I love to blog and I enjoy publishing blog posts. Since before now.

My blogging journey started 4 years ago, it all started with wordpress, wapka, blogger then move to wapkiz and other blogging platforms.

Top Hausa Novels also known as (THN) was founded and launched on November 2020, with as little as 700 Naira's investment that's all how this blog started.

*** Real Mystery Of THN ***

As a young man don't blame me for changing my career choice or what I want to be in future while I'am only in my mid-20s.

Back in November 2020, I heard that WehostAfrica has started selling .com.ng domains at only 625 Naira, so I thought of testing their services for a while.

It only took me 3 hours gathering all informations I need before choosing suitable domain name for this blog.

Suprisingly it all started as fun, it's design, management and maintenance took me over 1 week.

Finally everything was set, then I started wondering which kind of things will be suitable for this under-1000 Naira blog.

Then somethings pop into my mind, using table to format all files without disturbing myself with posting 60k words per each post.

I done all my best, and this blog runs smoothly, at first I applied for adsense with only 20 posts, then they reject this site.

After I read the massage then I said; "Hmm, aiki ja". Really you need advice from friends when you meet something new at any field.

I make use of that opportunity and asked my friend Shuraih Usman for recommendation about files download site adsense approval.

He gave me cool advice and I applied it, boom it works.


This all happened in 2 month guys. If you need more info about me or want connect with me simply use below social handles.

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  1. Keep up your good work bro
    I really appreciate your effort in blogging, u are among less blogger i know since 2017 that strugle hard and harder to achieve something that some bloggers are thinking that would not be achieved.

    1. Shuraih. I really appreciate your advice. Some fellas around here are busy asking me some stupid about blogging, they forget that it requires little bit failure before success.

      However I tried to add another admin to this site though that we can do 50/50, but as soon as I told him that there's no ads right now on this site he didn't reply my massage.

      Let us be smart and something good, blogging is all about success and failure and I really agreed with it.

      Have a nice day.


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Note: Comments must pass our approval before they appear here, please don't spam our site.